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Florida Oyster Knife- Set of 4

Price: $29.00
Special Features:
Price includes shipping to lower 48 states
Condition:Hand-forged with Black finish; Outline of Florida on Bottle-Opening Plate

While the Florida Oyster KnifeTMis durable for sharing, everyone wants their own! The set of four Florida Oyster KnivesTMis perfect for the family or any group of oyster lovers. When ease of use and simplistic design is combined with a lower price, everyone can have a beautiful, hand-forged oyster knife to call their own.

Each Florida Oyster KnifeTMoffers a strong handle for cluster busting, a built-in bottle opener with an outline of Florida and, of course, a wide blade to allow you to enjoy your favorite gulf oysters. Created with treated, mild steel, the knife fits comfortably in your hand so you’ll have the ideal leverage to open larger oysters.

Your order of four Florida Oyster KnivesTMis hand-forged to allow the master shucker to customize each blade with a metal file to make it safer for children or sharper for specific shucking styles.

Place your order for your own set of four Florida Oyster KnivesTMin one of three easy ways: click the link below to purchase with PayPal, e-mail, or call (912) 844-8223.



Note:  The Florida, Georgia & Original knives all are forged with the same, univeral oyster-shucking blade design, perfect for Gulf, Atlantic & Pacific Oysters.  If you prefer a smaller, more acute blade for small oysters, please consider our Carolina-style Lowcountry Oyster Knife.

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